About Us

The company has been in existence for 8 years. The idea of ​​opening arose because our qualitative experience allowed us to identify the weaknesses and shortcomings of the work of the largest logistics operators in the world.

We have developed a convenient and understandable service for forwarding international commercial cargo (cargo that is delivered to the white, officially, undergo customs clearance, duties and other taxes are paid, and the necessary documents are processed).

Care about the high quality of the offered services

Favorable prices

Help to find the best option for delivery

The individual approach

A parcel of 1 kg or a multi-ton cargo - we put the same amount of attention to each order

Fast work

We process requests quickly and work even on holidays

Working in a single window mode

All questions are solved through a personal manager: no waiting on the line and communicating with different specialists

Own agents all over the world

Well-coordinated chains of agents around the world, we reduce the cost of commercial shipping

Cargoes of any complexity

Working with any cargo, including dangerous goods of different categories, especially lithium-ion batteries

Types of transport

We ship goods with a separate air waybill, separate truck or sea container. We organize transportation as part of a consolidated cargo on a regular basis.

Send consolidated - save up to 60%

Air transportation

Fast delivery of any kind of goods around the world

Road delivery

Individual vehicles and consolidated cargo

Sea freight

Cheap delivery in different sized containers and consolidated delivery options.

Railway delivery

Overland transportation by rail

The types of cargo we deliver

We are engaged in the transportation of a wide variety of goods, including:



Dangerous goods, extensive experience with lithium-ion batteries



Cargo requiring temperature mode


Related services

We provide additional services necessary for international transportation


Protection of your cargo from unexpected situations

Custom clearance

Prepare in advance, submit a declaration to customs

Pickup of goods from custom warehouse

Issue power of attorney, pass for the driver and deliver goods to the door

Payment of temporary storage warehouse fees

Pay fees from our bank account

Organization of loading and unloading

Carefully load the goods, provide special equipment

Consult on transporting dangerous goods

Help with shipping requirements

Discuss with your supplier shipping terms

Help you communicate in different languages

Stages of work

Submit a request

Leave a request on the site or contact the manager

Choice of delivery way and related services

Our experts will select the best route, help in communicating with the supplier, calculate insurance and customs fees

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Sign contract

After agreeing terms and conditions of delivery, we sign the contract and organize pickup


Your Delivery Manager will inform you about the movement of your cargo, and you will be able to track it online in your personal account

Customs clearance and delivery of cargo to the door

After customs clearance, we will arrange the delivery of goods to the destination point

Billing of provided services

We provide necessary documents, work with automated systems, provide post-payment on the invoice from 7 days

Examples of shipments

7 030 km
Tel Aviv

Delivering urgent cargo from China

  • Request freight calculation
  • Route: Shenzhen - Tel Aviv
  • Cargo: instrument and pumps
  • Gross weight: 182 kg
2 256 km

Air freight from Serbia

  • Request freight calculation
  • Route: Belgrad - Tashkent
  • Cargo: processor
  • Gross weight: 249 kg
11 528 km

Air delivery to Nicaragua

  • Request freight calculation
  • Route: Almaty - Nicaragua
  • Cargo: uniform for work in contaminated areas
  • Gross weight: 229 kg
6 892 km

Lithium-ion batteries transportation from China

  • Request freight calculation
  • Route: Shenzhen - Tbilisi
  • Cargo: lithium-ion batteries
  • Gross weight: 1 500 kg
6 892 km

Sea freight from Turkey

  • Request freight calculation
  • Route: Konya - Novorosiisk
  • Cargo: household goods
  • Gross weight: 1 500 kg
6 760 km

Oversized cargo from China

  • Request freight calculation
  • Route: China - Astana
  • Cargo: mobile machine on wheels
  • Gross weight: 25 tons
6 751 km

Consolidated delivery of cargo from China

  • Request freight calculation
  • Route: Suzhou - Istanbul
  • Cargo: spare parts for industrial equipment
  • Gross weight: 5 kg
11 120 km

Delivery of cargo from Kazakhstan

  • Request freight calculation
  • Route: Astana - New-York
  • Cargo: spare parts for industrial equipment
  • Gross weight: 500 kg
5 950 km

Delivery of cargo from UAE to Congo

  • Request freight calculation
  • Route: Dubai - Kongo
  • Cargo: medical equipment
  • Gross weight: 150 kg
3200 km

Delivery of cargo from Europe

  • Request freight calculation
  • Route: Italy - Istanbul
  • Cargo: industrial metal cutting tool
  • Gross weight: 240 kg

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