Delivery of cargo from Kazakhstan

Astana - New-York
spare parts for industrial equipment
500 kg

Таможенное оформление

New York Airport JFK


Deliver cargo quickly and at the best price from Kazakhstan, Astana in the USA to New York Airport, arrange cargo for export and check the packaging and necessary markings


Logistics of the Delivery Manager company checked and compared several transit flights through Turkey and Europe. We chose an average one in price, but with a frequent number of flights per week, so that the cargo arrives quickly, and also so that in case of transferring the reservation, the cargo does not stay for a long time at the transit airport. We chose a Turkish Airlines flight via Warsaw. We took the cargo in Astana and repacked it in additional boxes. We made export customs clearance and the next flight the cargo flew to New York via Warsaw. The cargo was delivered from the door to the airport with customs clearance in 4 days.

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