How can I calculate cargo freight?

You need to leave a request on the site in any of the feedback forms and choose a communication channel that is convenient for you. In the comments you can insert all the data of cargo and attach files, for example: invoice, packing list, safety data sheet (MSDS) and other documents. You can also write us by e-mail at [email protected]

Is it possible to just make a calculation first without sign a contract?

Yes, you can send us data on the route and cargo. We will make the necessary calculations and offer a personal discount of 10 to 15% on the first order.

What is commercial cargo?

This is a cargo that is sent officially with the filing of a declaration to customs. Suitable for sending samples for commercial purposes, for example: sending to a potential supplier, sending for examination / research, sending to an exhibition. Our experts and logisticians will help you figure out whether our service is suitable for your tasks or advise another delivery method.

How to track my cargo?

You can use the client's personal account, access to the personal account will be opened by a personal manager after the conclusion of the contract. You will also receive information updates and documents by e-mail.

What is the main transport document used in commercial transport?

Air waybill, bill of lading, CMR.

Can I send personal items?

No, we are engaged in the transportation of commercial cargo and work with legal entities. For your task, mail or express delivery services are suitable.

Why do I need a personal account?

A personal account is needed in order to see all your orders and requests for calculating the cost of transportation. There you can see the statuses of payments and orders, comments of logisticians, all transportation documents: applications, invoices, acts, invoices, packing lists and other documents.

Can the cargo be insured?

Yes, we can insure your cargo, issue an individual insurance policy for the entire transportation route. This is the best solution, as the policy provides full insurance coverage and fast payment of the insurance premium, unlike cases where the freight forwarder / carrier simply insures its liability.

How to transport dangerous goods for business?

The transportation of dangerous materials is one of the most complex and responsible areas in the work of the logistics company "Delivery Manager". Our portfolio includes extensive experience in the transportation of cargo of various hazard classes, including flammable, explosive, radioactive, and toxic substances.

A special place in our practice is occupied by lithium-ion batteries - a dangerous cargo of class 9, which requires special precautions. They can become a source of ignition or the release of toxic gases if handled incorrectly. Therefore, we approach their transportation with great care.

First of all, our specialists carefully check the condition and packaging of the batteries. They must be reliably protected from mechanical influences, short circuits, and other external factors that can lead to damage. We use sturdy containers with additional cushioning.

In addition, when forming cargo batches, we comply with the rules of compatibility - lithium-ion batteries must not be transported together with flammable or corrosive substances. Particular attention is paid to labeling - warning signs must be applied to the packaging.

For the transportation of lithium-ion batteries, we use specialized vehicles equipped with fire extinguishing systems, ventilation, and temperature control. The drivers of our teams undergo in-depth training on working with dangerous goods and responding to emergency situations.

The transportation route is carefully planned to minimize risks. We avoid places of mass gathering of people, major transport hubs, and follow the shortest and safest routes. Throughout the entire journey, the condition of the cargo and the vehicle is constantly monitored.

Thanks to a comprehensive approach, "Delivery Manager" has established itself as a reliable partner for the transportation of dangerous goods, including lithium-ion batteries. We guarantee a high level of safety and the integrity of the cargo at all stages of the logistics chain.

How to find out the HS code of our goods?

The code can be picked up in open sources, just enter the search query into your browser. But we recommend that you transfer the selection of the code to a customs broker, because there are many parameters that are checked by professional specialists. Leave a request in any form on the site with a full description of your product and we will help you to choose the right code.

How does the Delivery Manager save the client's time and resources?

In the modern world, logistics plays a key role for businesses of any scale. An effective logistics company must keep up with the times and actively implement process automation. The Delivery Manager company has bet on innovation from the very first day of operation.

Automation permeates all business processes in the company - from the first contact with the client to the final shipment of the goods. At the initial stage of interaction with the client, sales managers use their own automated tools for quick and accurate calculation of the cost of various transportation options. This allows you to quickly generate detailed commercial offers. Recently, the company has introduced an innovative system for instant comparison and online booking of flights around the world for the transportation of a specific cargo in real time.

After agreeing on the delivery conditions with the client, automated processes take over the filling out of all the necessary accompanying documentation according to industry standards. This significantly saves the working time of managers and increases the convenience for clients who no longer need to spend time on routine tasks.

Tracking the movement of cargo in transit is also highly automated, but important delivery statuses are duplicated in personal communication with the client to ensure transparency and the ability to maintain a historical archive of movements.

The financial processes in the company have not become an exception - the creation, verification and automatic sending of all accounting documentation are fully automated. Copies of documents are stored in the cloud personal account of each client.

The development of new automated tools and the optimization of existing ones is an ongoing process in the company, carried out by its own IT team. The upcoming plans include the introduction of an artificial intelligence-based system for even better informing clients about delivery statuses.

Thanks to the advanced approach to automating logistics processes, the Delivery Manager company provides logistics services at a high professional level, saving the time and resources of its clients. Innovative solutions allow optimizing costs and maintaining a competitive level of service.

What is the mission of the Delivery Manager company?

At the Delivery Manager company, we are focused on further implementing AI technologies to increase the efficiency of our processes. The main focus is on developments for automating calculations, booking, and interaction with international colleagues.

Our goal is to create an AI system that can process any documents, letters, systematize them into orders, warn about potential additional costs and complexities, as well as check the cargo for prohibited components. Although these are just plans for now, we are actively working on their implementation.

One of the main tasks is to break down the established stereotypes about logistics as an area that requires filling out many forms, signing numerous applications, and conducting extensive correspondence with forwarders to organize transportation. According to international research, the problem of service and communication remains one of the most painful issues for consumers of logistics services.

We strive to create a system in which both an experienced logistician and a beginner will be equally comfortable interacting with the Delivery Manager company and using our services. Our goal is to contribute to the automation and implementation of IT developments, including solutions based on artificial intelligence, in the logistics industry.

The use of advanced technologies will make the processes simpler, more transparent, and more convenient for clients. This will help break down stereotypes about logistics as a complex and problematic area that requires a lot of effort and emotional costs.

By combining innovation and customer-centricity, we are creating the logistics of the future, where AI and automation harmoniously complement a high level of service for the maximum convenience of each client.

Where can I find a customs broker?

We can recommend our customs broker or you can use your own.

Do you transport dangerous goods?

Yes, we have a certified dangerous goods specialist and we can organize the transportation of dangerous goods by different modes of transport.

What is a Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)?

This document is required for the carriage of goods included in the list of dangerous goods. This does not mean that the cargo must be really dangerous. For example: blood samples for analysis when sent also have a hazard class. Aluminum powder has a hazard class.

Usually a safety data sheet (MSDS - Material safety data sheet) is drawn up for: powders, liquids, batteries, bio-samples. The passport indicates the origin, composition, conditions of transportation by different modes of transport, packaging regulations and much other information.

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