How can I calculate cargo freight?

You need to leave a request on the site in any of the feedback forms and choose a communication channel that is convenient for you. In the comments you can insert all the data of cargo and attach files, for example: invoice, packing list, safety data sheet (MSDS) and other documents. You can also write us by e-mail at [email protected]

Is it possible to just make a calculation first without sign a contract?

Yes, you can send us data on the route and cargo. We will make the necessary calculations and offer a personal discount of 10 to 15% on the first order.

What is commercial cargo?

This is a cargo that is sent officially with the filing of a declaration to customs. Suitable for sending samples for commercial purposes, for example: sending to a potential supplier, sending for examination / research, sending to an exhibition. Our experts and logisticians will help you figure out whether our service is suitable for your tasks or advise another delivery method.

How to track my cargo?

You can use the client's personal account, access to the personal account will be opened by a personal manager after the conclusion of the contract. You will also receive information updates and documents by e-mail.

What is the main transport document used in commercial transport?

Air waybill, bill of lading, CMR.

Can I send personal items?

No, we are engaged in the transportation of commercial cargo and work with legal entities. For your task, mail or express delivery services are suitable.

Why do I need a personal account?

A personal account is needed in order to see all your orders and requests for calculating the cost of transportation. There you can see the statuses of payments and orders, comments of logisticians, all transportation documents: applications, invoices, acts, invoices, packing lists and other documents.

Can the cargo be insured?

Yes, we can insure your cargo, issue an individual insurance policy for the entire transportation route. This is the best solution, as the policy provides full insurance coverage and fast payment of the insurance premium, unlike cases where the freight forwarder / carrier simply insures its liability.

How to find out the HS code of our goods?

The code can be picked up in open sources, just enter the search query into your browser. But we recommend that you transfer the selection of the code to a customs broker, because there are many parameters that are checked by professional specialists. Leave a request in any form on the site with a full description of your product and we will help you to choose the right code.

Where can I find a customs broker?

We can recommend our customs broker or you can use your own.

Do you transport dangerous goods?

Yes, we have a certified dangerous goods specialist and we can organize the transportation of dangerous goods by different modes of transport.

What is a Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)?

This document is required for the carriage of goods included in the list of dangerous goods. This does not mean that the cargo must be really dangerous. For example: blood samples for analysis when sent also have a hazard class. Aluminum powder has a hazard class.

Usually a safety data sheet (MSDS - Material safety data sheet) is drawn up for: powders, liquids, batteries, bio-samples. The passport indicates the origin, composition, conditions of transportation by different modes of transport, packaging regulations and much other information.

Want to order a shipping calculation or have questions?

Leave a request and personal delivery manager will contact you soon