Pickup of goods from custom warehouse

After the release of the customs declaration, it remains only to pick up the goods and deliver it to the address. But this process often causes many problems. We took care of the final part of the delivery. Your Delivery Manager will check in advance whether the power of attorney is registered at the TSW (temporary storage warehouse). We will prepare powers of attorney and send them along with instructions for signing them with an electronic signature. We will check the availability of money in the account to pay for temporary storage services, appoint a driver and issue the necessary passes.

Why is it necessary to export goods from customs?

Removal of cargo from temporary storage warehouse takes a lot of time and requires attention. We take out a lot of goods at the same time. Therefore, our processes are debugged, and the cost of such services is low. We process and export goods on holidays and weekends so that you can rest and not overpay for temporary storage warehouse services.

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