Sea freight from Turkey

Konya - Novorosiisk
household goods
1 500 kg

Customs clearance

Novorossiisk customs


Calculation of transportation and economy shipping


The client planned to transport the cargo by car through Georgia before the New Year, the cargo was ready in the first days of December and it was necessary to receive it in Moscow within 2-3 weeks. We analyzed the load on the road on the route through Georgia and could not guarantee the timing, which we honestly told the Customer about. But we offered him an alternative, which was faster, cheaper and allowed to meet the delivery time of 2 weeks: delivery by sea container to the port of Novorossiysk, customs clearance and delivery to Moscow. Delivery of cargo from the door of the sender, loading onto the ship and the way to Novorossiysk took only one week, as well as the second part of the transportation. This allowed us to deliver the goods on time before the holidays and save 25% on the cost of transportation. The client has never carried cargo in this way, so we took care of him: we offered our customs broker with experience in processing declarations for cargo located in the port of Novorossiysk. We also prepared a power of attorney for the export of goods from customs in advance, filled it out and handed over to the client for signature. The original was sent through our network to customs and registered before the arrival of the cargo, so that the client would not overpay for storage at temporary storage warehouses and lose time. The second part of cost optimization was the division of the bill into before and after the border. If in the case of trucking, the client would pay import duty and VAT on transportation to the border (about $8,000-9,000), in our case, the cost of transportation to the border was only $2,600, which significantly reduced the cost of customs clearance.

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