Oversized cargo from China

China - Astana
mobile machine on wheels
25 tons
<h4>Customs clearance</h4>
    Astana customs
    Calculation of oversized cargo transportation and work with documents<br>
    Organized the delivery of oversized cargo by truck (special trawl 48 wheels, with a permitted loading weight of more than 25 tons). We chose the most profitable route: through Kazakhstan with registration at the customs of the city of Astana. We organized escort for the car, received permits for the transport of goods along the roads of Kazakhstan. Delivery to the border of Kazakhstan was organized with the help of our Chinese partners, which ensured reliability and speed on the route. The cargo was cleared "from the wheels" without unloading. The main final task was to deliver the cargo to the plant in the closed city. Since our driver was not a city resident, it was known in advance that he would not be allowed into the territory of the city. For this, a separate driver was found who, took the right to drive the car and drove the oversized cargo to the door. Delivery was made in just 2 weeks from the Sender's door to the Customer's door.<br>

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