Lithium-ion batteries transportation from China

Shenzhen - Tbilisi
lithium-ion batteries
1 500 kg

Customs clearance

Moscow customs


Organization of transportation of dangerous goods


We offered the client a choice of several available delivery options with different terms and prices: delivery by car as a groupage cargo and booking on a flight using a separate air waybill. The client chose air delivery, which requires special attention and competence for the handling of goods of hazard class 9 in accordance with UN3090 rules. The Senior Logistics Delivery Manager coordinated this shipment. Work was carried out with the sender to verify the data on the cargo, packaging and labeling of the goods. We analyzed more than 5 flights to choose the best option in terms of reliability and price of transportation. Pre-booked a seat on the flight before picking up the cargo from the sender. They offered the client a tariff 18% cheaper than another forwarder.

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