Delivery of cargo from UAE to Congo

Dubai - Kongo
medical equipment
150 kg

Customs clearance

Kongo airport


The client needs to send their goods as samples, the weight of the goods is 150 kg. The cost of the cargo is over 1000 euros. The client can send the goods by express delivery service, but in fact it is unprofitable to send the goods of this weight by express delivery, the price can be very high, especially for delivery to Congo (remote area).


The logistics manager of the company's Delivery Manager offers the client shipment on a separate air waybill. But customs clearance and preparation of export documents are necessary. Since the client exports samples for the first time, the logistician fills out an invoice for him, an information letter to customs, a description and a calculation in order to export samples not at market value, but at production cost (since the customer is a manufacturer ). The client received delivery for 30% cheaper, taking into account the cost of customs clearance. As a result, the delivery time by the chosen method turned out to be faster by 3 days. All the preparatory works were done by managers, the client saved his time because he did not have to fill out the documents several times.

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