Consolidated delivery of cargo from China

Suzhou - Istanbul
spare parts for industrial equipment
5 kg

Customs clearance



The client needed to bring a very urgent cargo from China, but carriers and forwarders gave tariffs from $700. The high fare was due to the fact that the minimum booking for air transportation in most airlines is from 45 to 100 kg. That is, the client wanted to bring 5 kg, at a price of 45 kg


Our manager offered the client an alternative version of our consolidated shipments from China. 4 or 5 times every month we collect small loads in our warehouse and reserve a place on the flight for them in advance. Since we send consolidated shipments 4-5 times a month, the delivery time for such a delivery is 1-3 days longer than a standard separate booking, and the price of such a delivery for a client is 3 times lower. When picking up, it turned out that the supplier is in the Covid-19 quarantine zone and cannot deliver us an urgent shipment. Our team has specialists with knowledge of Chinese to solve such issues. We discussed the solution options with our Chinese colleagues and the supplier, and eventually resolved the issue with the collection of the cargo. Client paid only $ 250 and received his cargo in the shortest possible period, and the Delivery Manager logist took care of all transportation issues. The client, for his part, only agreed on the tariff for transportation.

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